Boat Tours: Sea Caves Of Vieste, Puglia, Italy (4K)

The erosion of the Gargano coast cut through many karst cave systems, which are now sea caves. The caves are eroded by the mechanical forces of the waves, the result are sea caves like any other sea cave on earth, except for some remaining stalactites on the ceiling probably.

Timeline: 0:00 Vieste Lighthouse 0:15 Vieste Old Town 1:01 Arco di San Felice 1:52 Testa del Gargano 2:33 Grotta Sfondata 3:55 Grotta dei Due Occhi 4:44 Grotta dei Pomodori 6:25 More views of the rocky coast 8:37 Grotta delle Due Stanze 10:45 Grotta della Tavolozza

Vieste is a coastal town in Gargano National Park, in southeast Italy. It’s known for its beaches, like Scialara, home to the imposing Pizzomunno limestone monolith, and the broad Spiaggia di San Lorenzo. Marine fossils and rare shells are on display at the Museum of Malacology. Nearby are the Castello Svevo, a medieval fortress, and the 11th-century Vieste Cathedral, with its baroque bell tower and painted ceiling.

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