Views: Janghohang Port – South Korea (Video)

Janghohang Port is a short distance out of downtown Samcheok. The port is famous for its round beach line and white sand shore and is known as the “Naples of Korea.” From the beach, Janghohang Port offers excellent views of unique rock formations in the sea. The beach is perfect for watching the sun rise, and is popular for swimming on summer afternoons.

► Samcheok Marine Cable Car The marine cable car crosses the sea in the 847m long section where you can fly across Janghohang Port, which is a beautiful neighborhood that is known as the Naples of Korea, to Yonghwa-ri. Riding the cable car also lets visitors enjoy breathtaking views of the harbor and emerald blue sea. The marine has no steel tower in the middle, so visitors can enjoy unobstructed view of the blue ocean through the glass floor that adds more thrilling experiences.

► Chogok Yonggulchotdaebawitgil Trail What was once a quiet port, Chogokhang Port is receiving the limelight with the Chogok Yonggulchotdaebawitgil Trail.The trail runs on a 660 m seaside deck cliff towards unique and beautiful rocks such as Chotdae Rock, Geobuk Rock, Lion Rock, and Yonggul Cave. Afterward, tourists can visit the suspension bridge for more amazing views of the blue sea and its surrounding areas. This area used to be closed to the public, as it was a former military zone. Now, tourists can enjoy its hidden gems and appreciate the natural beauty of these places through beach-side trails and skywalks.

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