Walks: ‘Hirado City Castle Nagasaki, Japan’ (5K Video)

Hirado City is the administrative area of Hirado Island and its surroundings in the northwestern part of Nagasaki Prefecture. The central Hirado district is the castle town of the former Hirado clan Matsuura, and before the isolation, it was an international trading port with China, Portugal, the Netherlands, and so on.

Video timeline: 00:00​ タイトル(Title) 00:16​ 平戸港交流広場(Hirado Port Square) 00:49​ 幸橋 – オランダ橋(Saiwaibashi Bridge) 01:11​ 宗陽公のお墓(The Grave of the Lord Matsura Takanobu) 01:55​ 城下町(Castle Town) 02:26​ 大ソテツ通り(Dai Sotetsu Street) 02:30​ 六角井戸(Rokkaku Ido Well) 02:34​ 観音地蔵堂(Kannon Jizo-do) 02:38​ 松浦史料博物館(Matsura Historical Museum) 02:42​ 大ソテツ(Dai Sotetsu) 02:57​ 平戸オランダ商館(Hirado Dutch Trading Post) 03:43​ 薄香の町並み(Usuka townscape) 06:00​ オランダ塀(Dutch Wall) 06:32​ 崎方公園(Sakigata Park) 07:54​ フランシスコ・ザビエル記念碑(St. Francis Xavier Monument) 09:20​ 三浦按針の墓(The Grave of William Adams) 09:40​ 崎方公園展望台(Sakigata Park Observatory) 10:08​ 大ソテツ通り(Dai Sotetsu Street) 11:13​ 寺院と教会の見える風景(View of temples and churches) 12:00​ 平戸ザビエル記念教会(St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church) 12:12​ 平戸城(Hirado Castle)

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