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Views: The Wave & Coyote Buttes North In Arizona

Amazing Places on Our Planet (May 26, 2023) – The Wave is an amazing sandstone formation located within Coyote Buttes North in Northern Arizona, USA, near the border with Utah. The Wave is one of the most iconic places of the American Southwest due to its beauty and restricted access.

Locations in the video: 00:00 On the way to The Wave 01:23 The Wave 04:18 The Mini Wave 04:54 Dinosaur Tracks 05:08 The Boneyard 06:24 The Second Wave 08:52 Top Rock Arch 09:18 Sand Dune Alcove 10:20 Melody Arch 10:45 North & South Teepees 12:39 The Wave

Because of its fragile nature and overwhelming popularity, a daily lottery system is established to allow access to the area. The Coyote Buttes North is by itself a premier photographic destination with many spectacular rock formations.