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Travel: ‘St. John Island – Virgin Islands’ (8K Video)

VIRGIN ISLANDS 8K is a visually stunning journey through one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, Virgin Islands. Journey with More Than Just Parks as we explore this tropical paradise located on the outskirts of the Caribbean Sea. Swim with sea turtles, explore ancient jungle ruins, relax on white sand beaches, and soak in the island beauty. This is Virgin Islands National Park.

To make this film we spent weeks on the island of St John (part of the US Virgin Islands) hiking every trail in Virgin Islands National Park and swimming every bay (for good measure). We visited the park after the 2017 hurricane maria damage and were frankly quite surprised by what we saw. When you look at a lot of the photos and video online it does not represent what exists in the park today.

All of our footage represents the park in it’s current, post-hurricane, status.Filming locations included: Trunk Bay, Maho Bay, Lameshur Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Reef Bay (trail, ruins, & sugar mill), Annaberg Plantation Ruins, Ram Head, Caneel Hill Trail, Margaret Hill, Catherineberg Ruins, Honeymoon Beach, Salomon Beach, Francis Bay, Waterlemon Cay, Little Lameshur Bay, and so much more.

To see our full Virgin Islands National Park guide: morethanjustparks.com/national-parks/virgin-islands/