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Travel Tour: Chioggia – Little Venice, Italy (4K)

Chioggia is a coastal town and comune of the Metropolitan City of Venice in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The town is situated on a small island at the southern entrance to the Lagoon of Venice about 25 kilometres (16 miles) south of Venice (Venezia), causeways connect it to the mainland and to its frazione, nowadays a quarter, of Sottomarina. The population of the comune is around 50,000, with the town proper accounting for about half of that and Sottomarina for most of the rest.

Views: ‘Chioggia – Little Venice’, Italy (4K Video)

Chioggia is a seaside town south of Venice, Italy. Traversed by the Corso del Popolo thoroughfare, its historic area has canals and narrow alleys. The Torre dell’Orologio S. Andrea is a Romanesque watchtower with a medieval clock. The Museum of Adriatic Zoology Giuseppe Olivi includes a display on local fishing traditions. On an island to the east are wide Sottomarina beach and Forte San Felice, a 14th-century fort.