Front Page: The New York Times —- May 22, 2023


Start-Ups Bring Silicon Valley Ethos to a Lumbering Military-Industrial Complex

A display showing Altius drones, made by Anduril Industries, at a military convention in National Harbor, Md., last month. New advances in autopilot technology helped inspire a flood of American start-ups.

Small, fast-moving U.S. tech firms are using the war in Ukraine to demonstrate a new generation of military systems but face the challenge of selling them to a risk-averse Defense Department.

Biden Announces More Aid for Ukraine as Group of 7 Powers Meet in Japan

President Biden with President Volodomyr Zelensky of Ukraine in Hiroshima, Japan, on Sunday.

President Volodomyr Zelensky of Ukraine received vows of resolute support and promises of further weapons shipments even as Russian forces claimed to have seized the war-torn city of Bakhmut.

Rice. Half of Humanity Eats It. And Climate Change Is Wrecking It.

From the Mississippi to the Mekong, farmers and researchers are finding creative fixes for the dire threats of global warming, extreme rains and sea-level rise.

What Tim Scott’s 2024 Campaign Could Mean for Black Republicans

The South Carolina senator’s bid for the White House — as the sole Black Republican in the Senate — could raise not only his profile, but those of Black conservatives across the country.


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