Front Page: The New York Times —- May 21, 2023


Democrats’ Phalanx Around Biden Has an Eric Adams-Size Hole

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has been highly critical of President Biden over immigration. “The president and the White House have failed New York City on this issue,” he said last month.

The New York mayor has loudly blamed President Biden for an influx of migrants, amplifying concerns many Democrats share but irritating Mr. Biden’s aides and weakening his political position.

Guards Brutally Beat Prisoners and Lied About It. They Weren’t Fired.

When New York State accused prison guards of abuse, the disciplinary proceedings tilted heavily in the guards’ favor, a review of records shows.

The U.S. Left Them Behind. They Crossed a Jungle to Get Here Anyway.

For thousands of Afghans, the American withdrawal from Kabul was just the beginning of a long, dangerous search for safety.

There’s No Ocean in Sight. But Many Hawaiians Make Las Vegas Their Home.

The scenery can’t compare. So why are Hawaiians increasingly moving there?

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