Front Page: The New York Times —- May 20, 2023


In a Sharp Reversal, Biden Opens a Path for Ukraine to Get Fighter Jets

President Biden and other leaders at the Peace Memorial Park during a visit as part of the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan, on Friday. He surprised his counterparts by telling them he was prepared to allow some European countries to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 jets.

The president told allied leaders that he would allow Ukrainian pilots to be trained on American-made F-16s, and is prepared to approve other countries’ transferring the jets to Ukraine.

Air DeSantis: The Private Jets and Secret Donors Flying Him Around

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, an all-but-declared presidential candidate, has relied on a Michigan nonprofit to help foot the bill for his campaign warm-up tour.

As the Florida governor hopscotched the country preparing to run for president, a Michigan nonprofit paid the bills. It won’t say where it got the money.

Fleeing Sudan, U.S. Diplomats Shredded Passports and Stranded Locals

Officials destroyed Sudanese passports on security grounds as they evacuated the Khartoum embassy. Now the passport owners are trapped in a war zone.

Jim Brown, Football Great and Civil Rights Champion, Dies at 87

After a Hall of Fame career in the N.F.L., he pursued social activism and Hollywood stardom, but his image was stained by accusations of abuse toward women.


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