Front Page: The New York Times —- May 15, 2023


Nail-Biter Turkish Election Heads for Round 2 as Majority Eludes Erdogan

Watching election coverage in Istanbul on Sunday night.

After two decades in power, a struggling Recep Tayyip Erdogan has two more weeks to persuade Turkish voters that he should continue as president.

Abortion Showdown in North Carolina May Hinge on a Single Vote

Roy Cooper, the Democratic governor of North Carolina, vetoed on Saturday a bill banning abortion at 12 weeks. The ban was passed by the state’s newly established Republican supermajority in both chambers the previous week.

After the G.O.P.-led legislature passed a 12-week ban, the Democratic governor vetoed the bill. The Republicans could override it, if all their members stay unified.

Jordan Neely Was on New York’s ‘Top 50’ List of Homeless People at Risk

Mr. Neely, who was killed by another subway rider, was on a watch list for a city task force that kept track of the New Yorkers of most

Eric Adams Says He’s a Progressive. Democrats Beg to Differ.

Left-leaning New Yorkers say the mayor is moving the city in a more conservative direction on issues like policing, rent and providing shelter to those in need.


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