Front Page: The New York Times -Saturday, May 6, 2023


Walensky Resigns as C.D.C. Director

“I took on this role with the goal of leaving behind the dark days of the pandemic and moving the C.D.C. — and public health — into a much better and more trusted place,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky said.

In an announcement on Friday, the head of the beleaguered agency said she would step down in June. “We made this world a safer place,” she said.

2 Days, 17 Dead, 21 Wounded: Back to Back Massacres Rock Serbia

A police officer on Friday stood guard in Dubona, Serbia, following a mass shooting in the area south of Belgrade that started Thursday night.

A day after Serbia’s first mass shooting in seven years, a second one left the small country in shock and its president called for a radical reduction in gun ownership.

Living and Breathing on the Front Line of a Toxic Chemical Zone

As the Biden administration moves to curb health threats caused by toxic chemicals, the debate hits home for families living near petrochemical plants.

Tightening Supreme Court Ethics Rules Faces Steep Hurdles

Revelations about Justice Clarence Thomas’s failure to disclose largess from a Republican donor have highlighted a dilemma.

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