Front Page: The New York Times – Tuesday, May 2, 2023


Late-Night Negotiating Frenzy Left First Republic in JPMorgan’s Control

A First Republic Bank in downtown San Francisco where the troubled institution is headquartered.

The resolution of First Republic Bank came after a frantic night of deal making by government officials and executives at the country’s biggest bank.

In an Unsteady Banking Industry, First Republic’s Problems Stood Out

Many banking industry experts say First Republic’s issues were unique to the once high-flying lender.

The bank’s rivals appear on firmer footing this time, in contrast with the widespread panic after the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in March.

Ukraine Wants to Push Forward. Not So Fast, Says Its Black Soupy Mud.

The unusually wet ground is one obstacle that the Ukrainian military, for all of its ingenuity, is finding difficult to overcome as it prepares for a counteroffensive against Russian forces.

Short on Staff, Prisons Enlist Teachers and Case Managers as Guards

The patchwork system that has evolved to address the situation has drained morale among staff members and placed additional strains on prisoners.


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