Front Page: The New York Times — April 27, 2023


House G.O.P. Passes Debt Limit Bill, Paving the Way for a Clash With Biden

Speaker Kevin McCarthy barely cobbled together the votes to pass his debt limit plan, which would cut spending and roll back parts of President Biden’s agenda.

House Republicans narrowly passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling while cutting spending by nearly 14 percent over a decade. President Biden has vowed to veto the measure.

On Eve of Trial, Discovery of Carlson Texts Set Off Crisis Atop Fox

The discovery of the texts added pressure on the Fox leadership as it sought to find a way to avoid a trial in the Dominion defamation lawsuit.

Private messages sent by Tucker Carlson that had been redacted in legal filings showed him making highly offensive remarks that went beyond the comments of his prime-time show.

In Searing Detail, Trump’s Accuser Tells Her Story

E. Jean Carroll, who says Donald Trump raped her, told a chilling story on the stand. The former president harangued her from outside the courtroom.

In an Indian Village, Cultivating Girls’ Big-League Dreams

A new $500 million women’s cricket league is offering the kind of opportunities that never existed before in India. The girls of one Punjab village are ready.


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