Front Page: The New York Times — April 22, 2023


Airman Shared Sensitive Intelligence More Widely and for Longer Than Previously Known

The first leak to Discord appeared to come less than 48 hours into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

A Discord user matching the profile of Jack Teixeira distributed intelligence to a larger chat group, days after the beginning of the Ukraine war.

Supreme Court Ensures, for Now, Broad Access to Abortion Pill

The order halts lower court rulings that would have restricted the drug as an appeal moves forward in a case with profound implications for abortion access and the F.D.A.’s regulatory authority.

The Debt Ceiling Debate Is About More Than Debt

Republicans’ opening bid to avert economic catastrophe by raising the nation’s borrowing limit focuses more on energy policy than reducing debt.

The Obscure G.O.P. Bookkeeper at the Center of the George Santos Mess

Nancy Marks, Mr. Santos’s former campaign treasurer, has her own history of questionable dealings that have aroused interest from federal investigators.

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