Research Preview: Nature Magazine – April 6, 2023


nature Magazine – April 6, 2023 issue: In 1947, Isaac Berenblum proposed that the development of cancer was a two-stage process: the first step introduces mutations into healthy cells, the second then promotes tumour growth through tissue inflammation. In this week’s issue, Charles Swanton and his colleagues investigate the role of particulate matter in prompting the development of non-small-cell lung cancers and find that cancer initiation in response to pollution conforms to Berenblum’s model. 

Carbon dioxide removal is not a current climate solution — we need to change the narrative

Drastically reduce emissions first, or carbon dioxide removal will be next to useless.

Bird-flu virus makes itself at home in Canada’s foxes and skunks

The virulent H5N1 strain now sweeping across the world is adapting to its mammalian hosts in northern North America.

Conquering Alzheimer’s: a look at the therapies of the future

Researchers are looking to drug combinations, vaccines and gene therapy as they forge the next generation of treatments for the condition.


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