UK Riverlands: The Beavers Of The Holnicote Estate

National Trust (April 2, 2023) – In this episode of The Wild Life, a new series of nature films from the National Trust, presenter Rob Bell meets the family of busy beavers at the Holnicote Estate in Somerset.

Rob takes part in some important conservation work and finds out how the beavers have been shaping the wetland habitat since they were brought to their enclosure in 2020. With an introduction from Julia Bradbury, this video also sheds light on wider work the National Trust is doing to reconnect rivers and streams to the surrounding landscape with its innovative Stage 0 project which is underway.

Rob learns how river restoration helps to ease challenges brought by climate change, including flooding and drought. The beavers also play a key role as ecosystem engineers and the dams they build hold water in dry periods and help to prevent flash flooding downstream.


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