Preview: Archaeology Magazine – May/June 2023


Archaeology Magazine (May/June 2023):

Roman Ruins Uncovered at England’s Exeter Cathedral

(BBC News reports that traces of a Roman street and timber buildings were uncovered in southwest England at the site of the cloister garden at Exeter Cathedral during an investigation ahead of the construction of a new cloister gallery.

England Exeter Cathedral

The Shaman’s Secrets

Germany Mesolithic Shaman Bone Headdress

An impressive selection of grave goods including roe deer antlers (top) that could have been worn as a headdress and boars’ teeth (middle) and tusks (above) with holes drilled in them enabling them to be suspended from an animal skin were found in a 9,000-year-old shaman’s burial.

Bad Dürrenberg is a modest spa town in eastern Germany, perched on a bluff overlooking the Saale River. On a Friday afternoon in 1934, workers were laying pipe to supply the spa’s fountain with water when they came across red-tinted earth. 

(Photographs Juraj Lipták)


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