Travel Views: The Top Ten Waterfalls In Iceland

There are thousands of waterfalls in all forms and sizes scattered around Iceland. We’ve compiled 10 of the top waterfalls to visit in Iceland here. For your geographical convenience, they are listed in counterclockwise order around the country, starting from southwestern Iceland.

1. Gullfoss

Gullfoss, or “Golden Falls”, is one of the 3 must-see attractions of the famous Golden Circle route in southwestern Iceland. This two-tiered waterfall drops 32 metres (105 feet) into a narrow, deep canyon, creating an impressive spray of mist that often produces rainbows in sunny weather.

2. Seljalandsfoss

This towering cascade in South Iceland is impressive to look at from a distance, but its wow-factor lies in the footpath leading behind the tumbling water.

This means you can admire Seljalandsfoss from multiple angles and enjoy the exhilarating experience of walking behind it. It’s no wonder why so many feel that this is one of the best waterfalls in Iceland!

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