Front Page: The New York Times — April 29, 2023


Fed Slams Its Own Oversight of Silicon Valley Bank in Post-Mortem

The Federal Reserve faulted its oversight of Silicon Valley Bank, saying it failed to take forceful enough action to prevent its collapse.

The Federal Reserve released hundreds of pages documenting how bank supervision and regulation failed to prevent the lender’s collapse. The F.D.I.C. released a separate report on Signature Bank.

North Carolina Gerrymander Ruling Reflects Politicization of Judiciary Nationally

The North Carolina Supreme Court reversed itself on Friday on a key voting rights case after its majority flipped from Democratic to Republican.

When it had a Democratic majority last year, the North Carolina Supreme Court voided the state’s legislative and congressional maps as illegal gerrymanders. Now the court has a Republican majority, and says the opposite.

Homeless in the City Where He Was Once Mayor

Craig Coyner’s descent onto the streets of Bend, Ore., came after decades spent fighting as a lawyer and politician for those on the edge of society.

Gov. Hochul Gets a Budget Deal, but No Signature Win

The budget deal contained a series of hard-fought wins for the governor, but left her without a grand policy achievement to trumpet.


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