Front Page: The New York Times — April 28, 2023


U.S. Economy Continues to Grow, but More Slowly


Gross domestic product increased 1.1 percent in the first quarter as consumer spending remained robust despite higher interest rates.

Biden Faces His First Big Choice on Debt Limit

President Biden faces a cascading set of decisions as the nation barrels toward default. He will need to find what, if any, common ground on spending cuts he has with Republicans.

After Republicans passed a bill that pairs spending cuts and fossil fuel support with raising the nation’s borrowing cap, the president must decide when and how to negotiate

New York Officials Failed to Address the Housing Crisis. Now What?

The state seemed poised to take the first meaningful action in decades to address its deep housing shortage. But the plans fell apart, in yet another indictment of dysfunction in Albany.

Meet the Climate Hackers of Malawi

On tiny farms they’re testing creative ideas to stay ahead of the cascading threats — heat and drought, cyclones and floods — transforming their world.


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