Front Page: The New York Times – Friday April 7, 2023


U.S. Acknowledges Afghanistan Evacuation Should Have Started Sooner

Afghans trying to flee the country waved their documents at U.S. Marines outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, in August 2021.

President Biden’s decision to end a 20-year war in August 2021 led to the swift collapse of the Afghan government and military. His administration has placed heavy blame on his predecessor.

I.R.S. Unveils $80 Billion Plan to Overhaul Tax Collection

The Internal Revenue Service unveiled a plan to lay the groundwork for a significant overhaul of one of the most scrutinized arms of the federal government.

The 10-year strategy document outlines a focus on improving customer service and cracking down on tax evasion by corporations and the wealthy.

In Northern Ireland Town, Painful Memories Lie Beneath a Fragile Peace

Twenty-five years after the Good Friday Agreement ended an era of bloodshed, this is a moment to celebrate reconciliation across Northern Ireland. But for many, the past is not always easy to leave behind.

Safety Net Barriers Add to Child Poverty in Immigrant Families

Both legal immigrants and undocumented parents face hurdles in getting aid. The problem has grown more acute as children of immigrants account for a growing share of young people.


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